EFT Case Story: Fundamental Hurt

EFT Master Practitioner Eloisa Ramos writes: Mark is tall, very youthful looking, and came to me at the suggestion of his wife to get help with issues around sexual intimacy. During the last 7 months he was been consistently meeting with me and working on various issues around his upbringing and his relationships making marvelous emotional progress. I have enjoyed watching him grow emotionally and so has he. Today we were at a point where he felt ready to work on "sensitivity with my interactions" and how love has always been seen as a financial transaction.

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course Review by Eloisa Ramos

Eloisa Ramos writes: "For me, this course was first and foremost, fun!"

EFT Case Story: Struggling To Stay Afloat Financially

Lidia has been “struggling to stay afloat financially” all her adult life. Her casual way of speaking about it tells me this is a long standing, but not intense issue.  I sense she is definitely ready and motivated to bring about relief and change.

What follows is her story and how we evolved the aspect with EFT, and how she was able to gain wisdom and freedom in the process.